Monday, April 5, 2010

Donovan McNabb is coming!!!! :O

So Donovan McNabb is on his way to my beloved Redskins!
What about Campbell you say?

Well this is a shady move by Snyder and Allen indeed, but Campbell should have seen something coming, right? In all fairness Jason Campbell wasn't much worse than McNabb last year; and hasn't really had a fair shot at settling down and getting some type of rhythm going with his dwindling and at sometimes.... aloof offense.

BUT! I have come to the conclusion that Jason Campbell just has no swagger, he is almost like the Steve Urkel of football , throwing for a covered men when there is a wide open back field "Did I do that?" YES Jason Campbell you did. WHERE IS THE MOTIVATION? where is that vicious shark instinct you need to stand out to lead a team. I swear if it wasn't for the target on his back Mr. Campbell would just fade in with the rest of the gold and burgundy jerseys.

This is what I HOPE for Jason Campbell, he stays on the team learns some stuff about being a leader and comes back mature and with some type of quarterback swag and inhibition, he is so afraid to make mistakes to take a risk; I think having Donovan on the team will teach him something about being the stand up guy he needs to be, because I see SO MUCH potential in that man.

THAT being said, I wouldn't give the starter position away to McNabb just yet, he will have to work for it for sure as will Campbell and Grossman.

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